Thursday, January 9, 2014

Helite Vest details and ordering

This blog is my information and experience with the Helite Air Bag Safety vests from Europe.   I began as their representative following meetings with the company in Florida and Kentucky (Rolex) in the spring on 2013.  Motorcyclist and power-sport enthusiasts are my primary customers.   The Equestrian community is served by another wholesaler and sold through tack shops across the country.   I can provide the Equestrian vests also.

MSRP pricing is $549 for black vests and $725 for Hi-Viz vests.   The Hi-Viz vests are truly outstanding in their brilliance, both during daylight hours and at night.  Nothing in the current motorcycle apparel market can compare.  (Shipping $24.00)

Each vest comes with two CO2 canisters and additional canisters are available for $30 each + shipping.  Replacement parts (there is nothing that will break but some people have lost components) are also available.

I can be reached by telephone or email at your convenience.   

Jeff Kurtz